COVID-19 Response Team

  1. Click here to complete the Sign-Up form.
  2. One of our team members will call you to get more information on what type of assistance you may need.
  3. You will receive a text/e-mail with a list of resources that you can use!
  4. We will follow-up with you regularly to be sure you are doing well throughout your pregnancy and be there with you.

Pregnant moms, you are not alone! The COVID 19 response team by Make Your Date is here to be your support system. If you need help with food, transportation, jobs, housing, internet, baby items, mental health, want to just talk, (or anything – really) please sign up and one of our team members will call you right away!

We’ve done the research and know which organizations and partners can help out. We have already contacted many of the moms currently in the program; over 1/3 needed food assistance and 1/4 needed help with baby items and transportation.

Please keep your appointments with your current provider. This is not a medical or clinical service.