About the Program

Every mother counts and every baby counts. That’s why we’re rallying everyone in Detroit to ensure that every pregnant woman in every neighborhood knows that our great city is stepping up to provide support and ensure she delivers a healthy, happy baby.


Sign up now. No medical insurance or haven’t been to a doctor in a long time? No worries. We are here to help you Make Your Date.


Make an appointment to see your doctor, or let us help make one. We'll make sure you’ve got the right health coverage for your pregnancy.  


Get your cervical exam. Did you know that one simple test may increase your likelihood of having a healthy delivery by almost 50%? 

We want to make sure all moms-to-be visit a doctor. That’s because just one simple cervical exam may increase your likelihood of having a healthy delivery by almost 50%. And healthy babies are how we create healthier communities and a healthier Detroit.

With a coalition of major medical institutions, universities, foundations, community groups and insurance companies, we’ve built a caring and supportive team dedicated to turning the tide against dangerous pre-term births. In Detroit, 18% of babies are born premature. Research shows that coordinated prenatal care and targeted interventions, when necessary, can radically reduce the risks.

A simple sonogram test, for example, can determine if a woman has a short cervix, which is a cause of preterm birth. The prescription of a medication, a progesterone suppository, may drop the danger of preterm delivery by 45% and the risk of respiratory distress syndrome by 61%. Progestogens are also able to reduce preterm birth in women with a prior history.

The science is clear. The key is information and collaboration. Simple steps can have a dramatic effect on getting babies to term. And that’s the mission behind Make Your Date Detroit.

Make Your Date Detroit, a Wayne State University Program, is supported by a remarkable coalition of civic leaders and medical experts. We work with physicians to ensure that all patients are offered appropriate tests or treatments, and we work with insurers and public health leaders to ensure that all women in Detroit have easy access to prenatal care and coverage.

Make Your Date Detroit also works to inspire all of us as neighbors, businesses, media, and community activists to help us reduce preterm births and infant mortality in Detroit. If you’re expecting, we’re expecting. So we encourage everyone to be creative on behalf of moms and babies. Whether you’re a pharmacist or a hairdresser spreading the word, or a restaurant hosting discounted dinner nights for moms-to-be, every little bit of support adds up to a community of caring and a brighter future for Detroit and our next generation.

Make Your Date Detroit and SisterFriends Detroit Partnership

Mayor Duggan’s priority projects to reduce infant mortality, SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date Detroit, have partnered together to improve the health of moms and babies throughout Detroit. Through this partnership, SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date Detroit are able to offer many different services to expectant moms who are enrolled in both initiatives.

SisterFriends Detroit offers multiple opportunities for SisterFriends and Little Sisters (expectant moms) to network with their peers and each other; and learn about, and plan for, a healthy pregnancy and healthy first year of life after birth for mom and baby through trainings, parenting classes, and Sister Circles (focused on skill building). SisterFriends Detroit also offers access to Lyft transportation services and a free or low-cost Detroit-ID, which can be used to access certain city services and receive discounts at dozens of local businesses in Detroit.

Make Your Date Detroit focuses on reducing the number of preterm births in Detroit by providing women with prenatal care, cervical length screening and treatment (if necessary), pregnancy education classes, and group prenatal care. These efforts are coming together to offer Detroit families the best of the clinical and public health worlds: world-class medical care and best practice community-based supports.

As partners, SisterFriends Detroit and Make Your Date Detroit will offer the following:

  • Dual enrollment to moms signing up for either initiative
  • A SisterFriend for every mom who wants one
  • The Make Your Date Healthy Baby Plan, detailing moms plans for healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby
  • Education sessions on a variety of pregnancy, birth, and parenting topics
  • Collaborative care coordination for dually enrolled moms